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I’m working on a large update for Myth of Pangea, and it actually concerns some of the game mechanics and features. (Oh, wow)

I’ve still got a lot of graphics to finish until I can show anything, so here’s something small.

You’ll be able to choose between 14 colours for a lot of the GUI and HUD graphics.


Next update will probably be another small update about graphics. 

Also a reminder that small updates are usually posted first on my personal blog where I also post a bunch of different stuff that’s not related to MoP.

if you’re only interested in seeing Myth of Pangea stuff I would suggest you’d follow my side-blog that’s only focused on my game project. Bigger updates are usually posted there first.

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Until recently, I have had a tremendous amount of shame about the bullying I experienced as a child.
Whenever something would happen and my mother would find out, she would yell at me and say,
"Why didn’t you fight back?! What are you doing to make them treat you like that?"
So I felt like it was my fault.

There is a genuine dangers of my tears shorting out the computer and turning this entirely into a Laverne Cox fanblog.

The whole INTERNET should be a Laverne Cox fanblog.

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A brilliant metaphor

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Fasting and furious 5

When it’s almost Iftar time and you’re not home

The Eid for speed

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Nightly ritual followed by regret.

By Sarah Johnson [website | tumblr | store]

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have you guys seen pendleton ward’s sailor moon doodle/animation on twitter

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Lucina and Robin confirmed for Smash!?

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YGOTAS episode 59- Crowd Atlas

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